Pet Forest Characters

The Characters of Pet Forest consists of five jobs. Namely, the Warriors , Rangers , Mages , Priests and Druids. They all start in Ruky Island along with their first pet, the Canaan Piglet.

Balanced MagesEdit

Balanced mages are very powerful as they grow up. They have high magic accuracy compared to pure int mages and have a higher resistances to elemental damage.The stats of a balance mage is int+2 spr+2 every level up. In choosing talent/belief choose only one side (either Fire or Ice) and max it so that you will do decent damage to opponents. In choosing pet. Use either a High int Cerberus or a High Vit Boar types.


Pure Support PriestEdit

These holy protector is the best partner in the game. They can debuff an opponent as well as do decent damage on low SPR opponents. Their build is int+3 con+1 per level. They have high healing capabilities which is most important in parties. In choosing talent\belief use only the HOLY side. Their best pet partners are pets with High Con and Str growth (Boars) or High Vit and Magic growth (Ceberus? <--- not sure about this).