Pet Forest has many different cities. Players start off in Ruky Island to start their training and move on to Karugarner when they reach level 10. Many more cities become accessible after the player reaches certain levels.

Ruky IslandEdit

Ruky Island is where players begin their journey through Pet Forest. Players with low levelled pets also sometimes come back to this island to train their pets.


Karugarner is where players go when they reach the level 10 benchmark. They start off on Zinia Beach and can travel to Karugarner city when they are ready.

Areas in Karugarner include:

- Zinia Beach

- Karugarner Collection Area

- Cattail Farm

- Karugarner City

Instances in the area are:

- Swamp Instance

Goradora HighlandsEdit

Goradora will be accessible by players once they reach level 30.

Areas in Goradora Highlands include:

- Kaines City

- Goradora Collection Area

Instances in this area are:

- Barbarian Underground Maze


Kazan will be accessible by players once they reach level 35.

Areas in Kazan include:

- Kazan, The Great Sand City

- Kazan Collecting Area

Instances in this area are:

- Ian Maze (Not open yet)

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