Its the first instance in pet forest ranging from lvl 21-25 mobs

Swamp Claw Daddy is the name of the Boss in Swamp Maze. There are 30 mobs and the level of the mobs is 21 to 25. If you go there and instance prize is open you will get many prizes. If it is pet type you will get Primary Trap, Medium Trap. Pet exp shard (6k). Soul Orb: Hoodlum Bear, Royal Frog, Heavy Metal Shrimp. Pet Appraisal Book. Pet Cake. And if it’s material type you will get Rough, Normal and Fine materials. Boss might drop a Primary material box (Class). if it’s experience type you will get Character experience shard twelve thousand. Equipment Type like Green equipment from regular mobs, Yellow from Boss. The recommended level is 18 to 25 but it is ONLY recommended you can go in swamp maze any level. Wait for my next post about Pet Forest maps